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Epidote gem stone

Epidote gem stoneThis is a mineral possessing several interesting characters and having many qualities desired in gems, yet its use in jewelry is very limited. It is comparatively common as one of the constituent minerals of metamorphic rocks, but in its ordinary occurrences it is not suitable for gem purposes. It is only when occurring in large transparent crystals that pieces suitable for cutting can be obtained. Its peculiar green color is one of its most striking characteristics, enabling it nearly always to be recognized. This color is a yellowish-green known as pistachio green and is hardly possessed by another mineral. It frequently, however. shades to black, on the one hand, and brown, on the other, so that it cannot be taken alone as a criterion for determination. Epidote is quite strongly pleochroic-that is, it exhibits different colors in different directions, being often green in one direction, brown in another, and yellow in another.

Epidote picture