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Birth Stones

Birth StonesAs to the particular stone which is to be considered appropriate to each month, usages differ.

Such differences have doubtless arisen from the desire to introduce gems which were formerly little known or unattainable on account of their cost as substitutes for stones formerly prized but now held of little value.

Thus, the precious opal, now much admired, was hardly known in former times. By some it is now used as the birth stone of the month of October, while others retain the beryl.

The diamond has been introduced in modern practice in quite a similar way.

The carnelian and chrysolite, by some still used for the months of August and September, are stones held of little worth at present, and, hence, others are usually substituted.

The particular order and kind of stones adopted in the accompanying plate is given in accordance with a pamphlet first published by Tiffany & Company, of New York, in 1870.

January Birth Stone
February Birth Stone
March Birth Stone
April Birth Stone
May Birth Stone
June Birth Stone
July Birth Stone
August Birth Stone
September Birth Stone
October Birth Stone
November Birth Stone
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